Meeting-online – we overstep the limits of common online communication

Meeting-online – we overstep the limits of common online communication

The program allows interactive communication and teaching with the help of a board. You can insert pictures, PDF files into the board, draw, create mathematical formulae and write in it. All these functions can be used easily and intuitively. The program is suited for teaching, cooperation between colleagues both at great distances and in one room, as well as for further interactive communication. The program can be used also for creation of teaching courses, remedial classes, discussions, etc. The courses can be subject to a charge and everything can be set in the program very simply.

Simple setting of courses

Fully localized software for the most frequently used world languages

Meeting of great number of participants (10 or even more)

Both simple and complicated mathematical equations

Cooperation with the most frequently used Internet telephoning through Skype

No teaching limitation (both with regard to time and to finances). It is only up to you where you want to teach and whether you will provide your services for free or for money

Use of MOn program in all spheres

Schools, universities and private teachers for efficient teaching

Companies for productive brainstorming

Private users for interactive discussions



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